Youth Martial Arts

Looking for cross training and the competitive advantage for sports?

Want to give your son or daughter the positive structure and formula to support their success as they approach adulthood?

At Tiger Rock Academy we know that this can be a challenging time for young people. This is a time when they are faced with a lot of important decisions and pressures in life. And they need the right support and positive environment to achieve their highest potential.

We have put together a great Youth Taekwondo program for your son or daughter to train where they can excel at their own pace and stand up to the pressures they face.

When it comes to sports we have a success record of training athletes at every level including teens, collegiate and professional champions. So when it comes to cross training, we can provide the competitive advantage you won’t find anywhere else!

Additionally, when teenagers are surrounded by other positive teenagers, they have the right kind of support system and peer group to keep them going in the right direction even when things get tough.

To find out more about our Youth Martial Arts program, simply fill out your information in the contact box a the top right hand side of this page. We’ll also send you our free report titled, “What They Don’t Want You to Know: The Top 10 Mistakes in Choosing a Martial Arts and Fitness Program”

And don’t just take our word for it….check out what other families are saying about Tiger Rock’s Kids Martial Arts programs…

“We enrolled at Tiger Rock Academy for our son when he was in 6th grade for a variety of reasons. As parents we wanted to make sure that he grew up to be confident in himself as well as others. It was also important that we enhanced a strong work ethic along with developing him in leadership, good values, and a good sense of self worth.
When we visited one of Tiger Rock Academy, we were very impressed. We saw all the above offered. The class was structured and we witnessed respect for parents, teachers, fellow students and for themselves.
Through training at Tiger Rock Academy over the last couple of years, our son is very confident in himself and sees the possibilities that he can do anything he sets his mind on. His grades are better in school, he doesn’t just have more friends…he has great friends (and the right kind). He has also lost weight and improved his physical strength. The thing I love the most his how respectful he is to his mom and dad and other members of our family. Our son is turning into a Leader.
Also, we are parents of 5 children. I have been a soccer, volleyball, football, and baseball mom. This is the only activity that I can honestly say that everyone cheers. There are no parents yelling at the coaches, no parents yelling at their kids, and no kids blaming others. It has been a very positive experience!”

Lori and Jeff Botz
Coach 2 Win

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