Martial Arts and Fitness

Welcome to Tiger Rock Academy and thanks for stopping by!

Martial Arts and fitness are just two of the programs we provide at our 3 locations around Lincoln and Firth.

The benefits of our programs have been proven through University Studies and Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized us nationally as #1 in our category of Martial Arts and Fitness.

We can be found at the following locations:
1. Southwest corner of 84th and Old Cheney
2. Approximately 16th and Yankee Hill (next to Lost in Fun)
3. Firth community center

Please check out the rest of the tabs and pages on this site to learn more about our customized programs including:

Martial Arts:
We offer traditional martial arts and Taekwondo for age specific classes. Our lessons are customized to the appropriate needs and goals of each age group. Click on the following for more information:
Kids Martial Arts: Early Cubs (ages 3-4), Tiger Cubs (ages 5-6), Juniors (ages 7-11)
Youth Martial Arts (ages 12-15)
Adult Martial Arts (ages 16+)

In addition to martial arts in the Lincoln, Nebraska area we also offer great fitness classes. Click on the following to find out more.
Kisado Kickboxing

Wellness Programs:
We have developed a national Wellness Program where we partner with corporations, businesses and organizations to provide seminars and services on overall health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, stress relief and more. Best of all, we figured out a way to do it at no cost to the business or organization! Click HERE to find out more!

Self Defense Classes and Other Seminars:
Tiger Rock Academy also offers a variety of specialized seminars and classes. We understand that not everyone has the time to train in our martial arts classes and they still want some self-defense skills. So, we have put together seminar based instruction that can be made available for everyone! Click HERE to find out more!

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