kickboxingMake Your Friends Jealous with GUARANTEED results from our Kisado Kickboxing classes!!!

Tired of boring workouts that don’t deliver results?

Want to tone muscles, shred fat and achieve your best knockout body?

Best of all, how would you like to get REAL RESULTS without the fad diets or long hours at the gym?

Kisado Kickboxing is a national fitness program, developed by Tiger Rock, that’s been helping adults achieve kick butt results! Kickboxing is PROVEN to be one of the highest calorie burning activities you can do–our workouts can burn over 800 calories in one class! Cardio, plyometric drills, strength training and more combine for a great workout—-and our instructors make it EASY for you to push yourself to the next level of fitness!

Discover why adults are saying this is the workout they enjoy most! If you have stress in your life (and who doesn’t?), you will knock it down as you kick, punch and blast the heavy bags and martial arts type drills we do in Kisado Kickboxing.

This is NOT a martial arts class….this is a FUN workout designed to help you achieve your best knockout body!

Let’s face it, we workout because we want the results….for us and for other people to notice too! Our kickboxing program delivers. Our kickboxing program has helped a lot of people discover some of the best kept secrets to getting a smaller waist, toned muscles, and a leaner overall body! One of our favorite things to hear from members is, “I can SEE my abs!!!” This doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a great goal and it doesn’t have to be hard. Training is easier when it’s more fun and you feel like you are making progress in every single class. Our instructors are professionals at keeping you motivated, laughing and enjoying the time spent “on the mat”. In just a few short months you could look in the mirror and think “wow” instead of “ohhh….”.

It’s all up to you. If you have a goal of getting in better shape, finding more energy, and looking better–for you or for someone else ;) then Kisado kickboxing at Tiger Rock Academy is where you need to be to get the results you want.

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“What They Don’t Want You to Know: The Top 10 Mistakes in Choosing a Martial Arts and Fitness Program”

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