Adult Martial Arts

Have you noticed how crazy the world has become…especially with the daily reports of violence?

Do you ever feel like just making it through the day is stressful?

Adults find a solution to both of these issues at Tiger Rock Academy. Things can be crazy and stressful sometimes, and we can show you how to do something about it! Learning practical self-defense through traditional Taekwondo is empowering and the great workouts relieve stress in a way that other workouts just can’t match. Fitness fads come and go, and they usually fail to deliver……so find out more about why more professionals, parents, and students come to Tiger Rock Academy for REAL results.

To find out more about our Adult Martial Arts program, simply fill out your information in the contact box a the top right hand side of this page. We’ll also send you our free report titled, “What They Don’t Want You to Know: The Top 10 Mistakes in Choosing a Martial Arts and Fitness Program”

And don’t just take our word for it….check out what other families are saying about Tiger Rock’s Adult Martial Arts programs….

“Tiger Rock Academy gives me a new way to work out, along with the fact that I’m learning a new form of self-defense.  The program is safe and the instructors are very knowledgeable. It has increased my stamina, better breathing , patience and real skills. This is a great workout for everyone!”   
–Jon Terry “The Animal” from 104.1 the BLAZE
“Having worked with some of the instructors before, I knew they would be great and have passion for the art, but the thing that I really appreciate about class is how helpful all the more experienced members are, and how everyone works together to improve each other’s skills. Also, the core workout I get each class has helped me attain the fitness goals that I have set for myself.”   
 –Jon M. Miller

“Tiger Rock Academy is much more than just a place to go to learn self-defense and get in a workout. While those elements are ever-present, it is also a place where like-minded adults can help each other set and meet a wide range of personal goals. The Academy instructors do not just teach they are also success coaches and mentors who take a personal interest in each and every student that walks through the door.Since joining, I have achieved many personal goals, including: losing weight, increased physical condition, increased core strength, regaining balance and flexibility, and relief of stress from work and life in general. The Academy has become like a second home to me and is an integral part of my journey through life.”

–Duane Reiber

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